Stanka Koleva works and lives in Berlin, Germany. She was born and raised in the town of Bourgas, Bulgaria. In 2000 she took up photography in her hometown with B. Penkov as her tutor. She prints her images by using gelatin silver process and has presented her works in individual and group exhibitions in Bulgaria and other countries in Europe.
In her own words she explains the concepts behind her work: I believe Art is the purest way to understanding and depicting our inner selves as well as the aspects of Cosmic Life. Human nature and mutual relations are aspects on which I rely to do my work, along with intuition, which is the most important part of an artistic act.

Solo exhibitions:
2012 Consciousness- AKA Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2009 Bounded - Berlin, Germany
2005 Opening of Days of the Austrian Cultures Festival - Bourgas, Bulgaria

Group exhibitions:
2014 Dall'Esterno - Wales, UK
2014 Dall'Esterno - Napoli, Italy
2013 From the Black Sea - Wales, UK
2013 Urban spree - Undogmatisch
2012 Trapdoor, Marquee Bar and Artspace, Berlin, Germany
2008 International Photo Festival - Portugal
2007 eXpressioni // arte giovani - Italy
2007 Pagane - Sofia, Bulgaria
2005 Bourgas through the lens - Bourgas, Bulgaria
2004 Duality - Bourgas, Bulgaria, 2004

2013 Kwerfeldein - Fotografie Magazine - March Issue 2012 Caprice Magazine- Magazine for Professional and Amateur Photography
2012 Logorea Mundi- Magazine for visual arts, literature and music
2012 N-Sphere Art Magazine - March issue Guest Exhibit